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Observation Tracking

Reporting your health symptoms and measurements

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Observations are a way for you to manage your day-to-day symptoms or any measurements of your health. Tracking your observations allows you to notice possible fluctuations of your health that could vary across days during your treatment. You can find your Observations log front and center in your Daily Journal on Folia.

How do I add a new observation?

To add a new observation, click on the Add Observation box or the + sign next to the Observation card. Search from the suggested list or start typing to add a custom observation. You can add as many as you want!

How can I track my observations?

Click on any of the observation cards under the Observation card to start tracking. You can track your observations as they pop up one by one. Navigate to the next or previous observations using the arrows on the bottom of the screen.

Under Additional Details, you can provide additional information about your observations, including tags (link to Tag Tracking), time, duration, notes, and media.

You can add multiple instances of the same observation as you track throughout the day. Tap on the + sign on the upper left corner to add a new instance of your symptom.

How do I edit the observation type?

To edit how you report your observations, go to settings for that observation card (tap on 3 dots) > Edit under Observation Type > change the observation type.

We currently support the following observation types to report how you want to track your observations:

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