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Setting a Baseline for Observations
Setting a Baseline for Observations
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What is a Baseline?

A Baseline is the usual state of an observation or symptom. As an example, if you typically have a mild headache, you can set the Baseline of Headache to Mild.

Why should I set a Baseline?

Instead of tracking your headache as Mild every day, you can set the Baseline as Mild and then track your headache as the Same, Better, Worse, or Different. (Don’t worry, you can still track the specific severity, as well!)

We can give you more accurate flare suggestions when you track a higher severity than your baseline.

How do I set a Baseline?

Click on Set Baselines prompt under Manage Observations from home screen (this will pop up automatically if you have not yet set it up).

You can set a baseline for any observations that is not a measurement (example: severity scale or count). Tap on the observation you want to set up a baseline for.

Tap on Edit under Baseline

Set your baseline for this observation – this is the usual state of how an observation/symptom is presented. You can also add Tags to include more details.

Save your settings when done.

After a baseline is set up, you can track your observations by comparing it to baseline, in addition to using the severity scale. The options are Same, Better, Worse, or Different.

You can still specify and change the severity of your tracked observation even after selecting a baseline comparison value.

You can always change your baseline at any given moment. Tap on the 3 dots next to the observation card to edit your set baseline.

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