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Want to contribute to additional research in your condition? Here's how.

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What is Research Sharing?

When your research program is complete, you can continue to use Folia to help manage your condition(s). Research Sharing is a setting within your Folia profile that grants permission to have this ongoing tracking data included in research. We only share de-identified (anonymized) and aggregated data for research, and only with your permission. This means that there are never any names, email addresses, phone numbers, or other personally-identifiable information included in the datasets that we share for research.

Research Sharing uses data that you are already tracking in Folia; you will not be required to complete any additional study activities in order to participate. If you turn research sharing on, the Folia team may also reach out to let you know about additional research opportunities.

Are there any rewards for participating in Research Sharing?

Yes! If you would like to participate you can earn up to $48 per year in gift card rewards. See this article about Data Dividends for more information. You will receive your Dividends on a quarterly basis, and they will be mailed to you in January, April, July, and October. You can be paid via Walmart, Amazon, or Starbucks Gift Cards.

Can I see how my Folia data is being used?

For transparency, we will publish descriptions of all active research projects, and once research projects are completed we will publish the names of the research partners.

How do I sign up?

Simply turn your Research Sharing settings to “On”! Follow the steps below:

Go to your menu settings (top left corner)

Click "Research Sharing"

Click "View Settings"

Check Yes to opt in to Research Sharing and include your data in General Research

If you prefer to opt out of Research Sharing, simply toggle this setting to "No". Your data will not be shared in any future research studies and you will not be eligible for a Data Dividend. If your data was contributed to a past research study, the researchers will not have access to any of your future Folia data.

Tell me more about privacy and data ownership at Folia

At Folia, patients and caregivers own their data. Our team is highly committed to patient privacy and will never use your information without your permission. Read more from our Chief Technology Officer, Dan, on our website about our commitment to privacy and security.

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