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Data Dividends 🎁

Earn gift cards as you track!

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At Folia, we recognize your value as an individual who is taking time to track an important aspect of your life. As a sign of our recognition, we have a program called Data Dividends. Data Dividends is the first revenue-sharing program to directly recognize the value of patient and caregiver contributions to the healthcare ecosystem.

Essentially, you can earn gift cards for tracking on Folia!

Who is eligible?

At this time, U.S.-based patients or caregivers are eligible to receive a Data Dividend if they have Research Sharing settings turned "on." Caregivers who manage care for multiple patients can earn Data Dividends for each patient.

What level of activity is required in order to receive my Data Dividend?

First, log into your Folia account to track something at least once a week. You can actively track your same-day observations, or you can Multi-Day Track multiple days at one time.

As you continue to track, you can gauge your progress toward your Dividend eligibility by viewing your personal Folia Calendar.

How much are Data Dividends worth?

At the present moment, you can earn $4 a month through the Data Dividend program (this is an annual total of $48!). We expect that as the Folia community grows, the dividend amount will also increase through increased participation in research.

You will receive your Dividends on a seasonal basis, and they will be mailed to you in January, April, July, and October. You can be paid via Walmart, Amazon, or Starbucks Gift Cards.

Learn more about privacy and data ownership here.

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