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What are tags?

Tags allow you to provide additional information and context when tracking an observation or treatment. You can quickly provide helpful insights to your health observations with consistency.

Tags appear next to your tracked observation or treatment cards to quickly inform you that there is more to be said from your tracked data from a quick glance.

How do I add tags?

You can add tags while you are tracking an observation or treatment. Open the 'Additional Details' section to find the 'Add Tags' button.

Suggested tags will automatically appear when you are tagging your observations or symptoms. Additionally, you can also create custom tags. Tap on 'Add/edit' and simply start typing to search for your desired tag.

Don't forget to click Save when done!

Types of tags

  • Individual/custom tags are tags that are specific to an individual observation or treatment.

  • Universal tags are tags that are shared across multiple observations or multiple treatments.

    • For example: disrupts sleep can be universal tag as it can be both a symptom of your condition and a side effect of your treatment

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