I have a new treatment plan with very specific instructions, and I want my daily questions to reflect this new plan. You might feel the same, and in the Folia App, it is easy to do this. If you want to be more specific in tailoring your symptoms and/or treatments, you can customize your daily questions.

First, open the folia app.

Then, click on the settings (gear image) in the bottom right corner. This will take you a page that asks you what you are currently tracking.

If you want to add a new symptom or treatment, click on the box towards the bottom of the page that reads "+ Add"

If you don't see a symptom or treatment you want, you can type one into the search box. "Add "_____" " will show up under the search box. Click on this.

Then, choose symptom or treatment. Press done.

Choose the way you would like to monitor your new symptom or treatment, and customize the name, time of day, and start/end date you would like to be prompted by this new question.

Now this treatment or symptom will show up in your daily questions. Happy tracking!

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