These thick binders show only a fraction of notes that my mom has been keeping for my brother's medical condition, CVID, for the past 24 years.

The problem is that these notes are hard to use. Imagine the doctor reading every single page, organizing my mom's detailed observations, and connecting the important dots for a personal, precise treatment plan. Her observations, as well as yours, have an untapped potential. I founded Folia 3 years ago with the dream that everyone living with a complex disease could get super precise, personalized care - if only their doctors could read their minds and notebooks!

The core idea behind Folia is that instead of writing what you notice in notebooks, you can collect the same information by responding to multiple-choice questions. Folia organizes the information that you notice and makes it easy to use - for both your doctor, and for researchers looking to learn more about your condition.

To see how it works: Check out the attached Folia Intro Guide.

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