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Multi-Day Tracking: Track multiple days at once
Multi-Day Tracking: Track multiple days at once

Did you forget to track? Catch up by tracking multiple days at once

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If you're not tracking on Folia every day, no worries – we get it! We understand that life moves at a rapid pace or your symptoms may not occur every day, so daily tracking might not be needed or necessary. These days you missed, whether or not they are seemingly unremarkable, may hold important clues to what's working for your treatment and health progress, so logging them in the Folia app is still a good idea.

With Multi-Day Track, you can go back to the previous days and/or weeks and fill in the gaps of your tracking quickly and easily. You'll only have to answer the questions once to sum up this chunk of time!

Multi-Day Tracking: Step-by-Step Guide

Open the Calendar tab: Tap on the calendar from your Journal to visualize your tracking history and identify the gaps.

Select your date range: Tap to select a range of blank dates that you want to track together (shown with green circles).

Tap on "next" button to track. You can choose from Folia's suggestions based on your previously tracked observations and treatments, or you can manually add new observations and treatments by tapping on the '+' button.

Important: Currently, your Multi-day observations and treatments tracking will be saved and added to your Journal for the selected range of days, separate from your regularly scheduled symptom and treatment observations. You can still see this data on your graphs and insights.

We are actively working on a new multi-day tracking experience for our next version update where your previously scheduled observations and treatments will be automatically updated when you track via multi-day tracking, so hang tight!

Fill out your multi-day tracking, and don't forget to hit save: You will be redirected back to your Journal where a banner will pop up at the bottom to confirm that you have completed tracking for the selected range of days and it has been saved in addition to any previously scheduled observations and treatments trackers for those days.

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