Wondering how to bring your valuable observations on Folia into the hands of your clinical team?

Plan for Your Visit

On the Calendar, select any date > Click "Next" > Select "Add or View Visit" > Select the "Clinic" and "Date" > Click "Save" 

Generate Your Appointment Guide

At Folia, we’ve built a report called the Appointment Guide, designed to help share your tracking insights with your care team at the next appointment. The Appointment Guide was created in collaboration with more than two dozen physicians, and we’re constantly refining the report to make it even more useful and personalizable. 

The Appointment Guide summarizes all of the data that you have entered in Folia since the last appointment and also lists any questions for the doctor that you have logged.

To access your Appointment Guide, go to Reports on the web or iPhone app. You’ll see a button labeled Appointment Guide there.

Personalize Your Folia Appointment Guide

As we work to improve the Appointment Guide, we’re initiating a special project during summer 2018 to build personalized Appointment Guides for all Folia users who have more than 1000 points. These users have tons of info stored in Folia, and we’d like to have the chance to pull out personalized insights for them. If you’re one of these 1000+ point users and would like to participate, please let us know!

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