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Folia Insights: Visualize your tracking with graphs
Folia Insights: Visualize your tracking with graphs

Make the most out of your observations and insights

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We understand that most observations about yours or your loved one’s health occur outside of the doctor’s office. When you use Folia to track these observations, it doesn't take long before you have enough data to start generating information on trends. Our Insights builder takes your observations and turns them into graphs, tables, and charts, to help you easily make sense of how things are going.

Graphs show your data for easy visualization and can allow us to see possible relationships between your logged observations and treatments, day-by-day.

Create graphs by going to the Insights tab on the navigation bar > + New graph. Select any tracked observations and/or treatments to visualize together on a graph – currently, we accommodate up to 3 data values on one single graph.

You can always reach out to the Folia team if you want customized graphs of your tracked data to better understand your conditions. We are happy to help!

Tables are used to show the detailed data that you logged, day-by-day.

For example, you can select specific dates to see which days had coughing tracked and which ones did not.

Go to Profile tab > Data & Integrations > My Data Tables

Select the date you want to view by. All your tracked data for the selected date will appear on the screen

Insights are then exported into your Appointment Guide to help your doctor understand what’s been happening at home since the last clinic visit.

To learn more about the Appointment Guide, see this article. 

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