As you use Folia, we know that what you want to track may change, so there is now a quick way change your questions and bring them up to date with what you want to track. 

After entering the patient, at the bottom of your phone there is a new "Manage" tab or simply click "Edit" on the homepage of the Web. This will give you a preview of all the questions you have added, the associated times and how often its asked for both Treatments and Symptoms and Behaviors, and Measurements.

To change a question, just click the white box. You can edit the name, time, and more to make sure its still aligned with your current treatment plans. 

To quickly turn on a behavior question, scroll down to the Symptoms and Behaviors section, and click for example "Coughing". At the top, there will be a red box that says "Turn off". Click that button so that it says "Turn on", and you will now have a question related to coughing at the scheduled time you ask.  

For more information, watch this tutorial on how you can edit your questions...

We know you're used to overachieving...but don't set yourself up for tracking burnout!

Take 30 seconds today to pick the top 5-7 things that you want to track. Turn everything else off for a while, and see how it goes.

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