One of the very first ideas that we received from parents participating in our first pilot program at Maine Medical was to be able to answer questions for multiple treatments at once. Many patients do a bunch of meds and treatment actions at around the same time - there should be a way so you don't have to click "Yes" or "No" for each individual thing!

Enter Treatment Bundles. These are treatment groups, bundled together based on when they are done.

To set up your Treatment Bundles, follow the 2 steps below. If you get lost or would just like someone else to do it, feel free to reach out via our chat!

Step 1: Set up your General Times of Day

This will allow you to set up the different times when you complete treatments. You'll attach bundles to these times.

On the web app: 

Go to More --> Settings --> select patient, and then scroll down. 

On the iOS/iPhone app: 

Go to the side menu bar, and then follow the clicks above.

Step 2: Change the time of your treatments to General Times of Day

On the web app: 

Click on the cog/Settings icon next to the treatment to edit, and then change the "How often?" answer to "Daily - General Times of Day".

On the iOS app:

Go to Manage Questions, select the treatment you want to edit, and then change the Schedule.

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