There are four types of symptom questions:

  1. Yes/No (Example: Did your child have a tantrum today? Yes or No?)
  2. Count (Example: How many times did you wake up last night?)
  3. Severity-based (Example: Is the coughing better today, worse, or same as usual? Pick the severity number, 1-10)
  4. Multiple choice only (Example: Answer the following questions about the bowel movement.)

Severity-based symptoms are the most popular on Folia, and there are lots of ways that you can add detail to your answers!

Below you'll find a guide on how to use severity-based symptom questions to track exactly the amount of detail that is relevant to you.

In the above image, there are 4 buttons:

  • Same as usual
  • Better
  • Worse
  • Track in detail

Let's explore what happens when you click each button.

Same as usual: This logs that today, your coughing was the same as it generally is: 5 out of 10. To change your baseline severity, you can go to the grey Settings button in the upper right corner of the box.

Better or Worse: You'll receive a follow-up question asking you to select the severity for today. Once you select the severity, click on "Track It!" or "Save" (depending on your version) to continue to the next question.

*NOTE: If you didn't experience this symptom today at all, simply select 0 - Didn't Happen Today as your severity.

Last but not least...

Track in Detail: If some funny things happened with your symptom today and you want to answer follow-up questions, click on this button. You'll receive a set of multiple-choice questions to answer about the symptom, like shown below

That's it! As always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to email us at Happy Tracking!

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