With new tools comes new questions! Hopefully this article will help to answer your questions as you become familiar with Folia's iOS app.

Is my login information the same for the app as it is for the web?
Yes, your Folia username and password are the same for the app as they are for the web.

How do I update my Folia App?
You can update the app in four easy steps. 

First, find the "App Store" app on the home screen of your phone--it's blue with a white "A":

Second, open the App Store, and select "Updates" along the bottom of the welcome page:

Third, scroll through until you find the Folia App:

Finally, select "Update", and your Folia App will update to the newest version! Happy tracking!

I have transitioned to primarily using the Folia app. How do I stop  still receiving text alerts to track my routine questions on the web?
To stop receiving text messages that route you to the Folia website, take the following steps:

  1. log-in to the website
  2. Click SETTINGS on the left navigation
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the "profile" page
  5. Un-check text message options
  6. SAVE your settings

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