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This article is meant to help you understand what your “Routine Questions” are. 

Routine Questions, or “daily questions”, are at the core of the Folia platform. We designed these questions to capture all of your health observations in the easiest way possible. They’re almost always multiple-choice, and as a Folia user, you can pick from thousands of Routine Questions to put together your personalized Folia profile. With a collection of 5-10 personalized Routine Questions, you’ll be able to quickly and easily keep track of everything that’s in your head, without spending a ton of time each day or building a notebook that no one will ever read. 

Right now, Routine Questions cover 6 topics:

  1. Symptoms
  2. Problematic Behaviors
  3. Medications
  4. Treatment Actions
  5. Measurements & Bloodwork
  6. Progress & Wellness

See this article to learn more about setting up your routine questions.

As you continue to track your Routine Questions, Folia will collect all the data you input and build personal insights, to help make sure you’re receiving the best care possible. 

Below you will find videos that show this process on the web and iOS app:

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