We received comments that the original dashboard is confusing. Based primarily on feedback our users have given us, we have created a new dashboard layout. Here is what you need to know:

We changed the left navigation. Previously, the left navigation had seven headers, each with their own sub-headings. We have collapsed everything you will need into three headings:

  • Manage: access your routine questions, coming up, care team, and health records (including your appointment guides). Each option has its own landing page that will guide you through the actions you wish to complete.
  • Insights: view your data over time, in both in graphs and in simple tables.
  • Settings: view and input all necessary information for your Folia profile. 

The new focal point of the dashboard is the ability to track and manage your routine questions

  • Clicking the large leaf allows you to answer today’s routine questions. As you complete routine questions throughout the day, your progress will be indicated by the loading bar on the leaf. 
  • “+Add” to the right of the large leaf gives you the option to add a new routine question or quick track (previously referred to as “one-time track”).
  • See all” allows you to see all the routine questions you have today.
  • The number on the right of the large leaf is your current number of points. Clicking that number allows you to see your achievements in more detail.

The next section of the dashboard is a table called Coming Up. By expanding this table, you will see upcoming appointments and reminders. Other things you can do from this table include:

  • “+Add”, which allows you to add an appointment or reminder.
  • Clicking the title of the entry gives you more detail about the entry. 

Below Coming Up is a table called Remember to Ask. By expanding this table, you will be able to see all unanswered questions. Other things you can do from this table include:

  • +Add” allows you to add a new question
  • Clicking the name of the question allows you to see the full question.
  • Answer” allows you to input an answer to that question.

As always, we are here to help you. Reach us through Intercom if you have any questions or comments about the new dashboard!

The Folia Team

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